Makers Of Handmade Sheepskin Ugg Boots In The UK Since 1979

Our genuine sheepskin boots are made in our Welsh country workshop. With a unique design, a wide range of colour combinations – our boots are very special.

Give us a ring to see what we are making in your size right now. No robots, bad music, buttons or long waits – real people with drive and vision will answer your call.

Enjoy the warm and cosy feeling of natural sheepskin and let your feet breathe. Susie’s sheepskin boots will cherish and look after your feet – keeping them toasty warm through the coldest of winters.

Hi everyone and Happy New Year. I plan to begin sewing in earnest on Monday 4th January.

Please don’t be downhearted if the ready-made pages still seem to be low in stock. We had so many requests for boots and slippers before Christmas that I need to make these my priority.

If you want to get in touch you will find the telephone number and email address at the bottom of this page.

In Stock & Ready to Buy

Here is a selection of our most recently made items we have added to the website ready to buy.

The Australian surfing community originally established the ugg boot tradition back in the late 1960s – in a country with so many sheep they soon became a way of life.

In many places their widespread popularity is relatively new – not so in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire where these lovely boots have been warming the feet of locals for over thirty years.

It is here, in the small town of Narberth, that Susie Lincoln runs a thriving cottage industry devoted to making sheepskin boots in the UK.