Timeless colours on your Sheespkin Boots this Winter

As winter draws closer, we’re keen to show all the variety of colours that we have in stock this winter season

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We have pretty much every colour you can think of in stock for this winter to make you feel that little bit more cosy, or even some brighter colours for those of you who dread the cold weather and can’t wait to get back into the warmer months. We have something for everyone and have already started taking orders for Christmas. 

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Our handmade boots give you the opportunity to effectively design you own boots by deciding on the length of the boots themselves, the colours, and even the braid that you’d like to include on them. Something that only we are able to do in the whole of the UK, and also something we’re very proud to say. We also do all sizes from little babies to us full grown adults, so there really is nothing stopping you.

This is a big decision for most, and with there being so many options to choose

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from this winter, you’d better start thinking about it soon. But if you do need a few ideas to help you along the way, then take a look at our shop here.

We look forward to seeing you. Or why not pop in and see us so you can see for yourselves what we really do have to offer this season.