I was raised to be modest

I was raised to be modest and not to show-off so using words to describe my work like: ‘fantastic, amazing, brilliant, awesome’,  feels a bit pompous even if it is trendy.

Having said this, the sheepskin boots, slippers and other products we make are all these superlative things and much more besides.

Over the summer we have been working hard, filling the workshop shelves with handmade sheepskin crafts in an array of colours.

Xanthe has made a range of beautiful baby boots that are both cute and practical. A fiddly sewing task for sure but they are worth all the effort.

Paula and I have come up with a new sheepskin bag design that we think you will like.The comfortable shoulder strap is made of suede so it doesn’t slip easily, there is an inside clip for keys, optional inside phone pocket, magnetic closure fastener and of course, lots of colour possibilities.

We are considering making them larger for laptops or iPads but will wait for customer feedback on this one.

Sheepskin Boots Wildside in Damson Navy & Purple