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Little time to write

Little time to write – too busy making slippers. So many of our loyal customers discoved how worn out their slippers were during the lockdown when they found themselves wearing them more than usual. With my colleagues furloughed I had no alternative than to spend all my waking hours sewing, cutting-out and trying to keep […]

Handmade with style & skill

Sheepskin Boots in Damson Navy & Purple

So sorry there are so may ‘out of stock’ boots and slippers on our website. Well obviously I am not really sorry because it means we have sold loads but it can look a bit daunting if you are searching to buy a pair immediately.  There are still most sizes in stock in the workshop […]

The Story of Susie’s Sheepskin Boots goes back nearly 40 years.

Susie’s Sheepskin Boots This is my first blog entry and for weeks I have wondered what I would write about when I finally forced myself to make a start. I have no idea if anybody ever reads these things but I have been encouraged to set up a blog to go with my website as […]