About Susie’s Sheepskin Boots

SusieEstablished in 1979, this pioneering business has become an icon throughtout Pembrokeshire and the rest of the UK.  It is a rarity these days to find a craft business happy to stay small and to be content in working creatively away from the confines of mass production.

With such commitment and enthusiasm, you can be confident that each pair of boots is lovingly made from an age old Australian recipe that has guaranteed the return of many satisfied customers. Watch our video

Working and experimenting with colour has always been the passion that drives Susie’s work. She has spent many years teaching spinning, dyeing and weaving and although ‘the boots’ take up a huge amount of time she still manages to weave rugs and teach people to spin with beautiful Welsh fleeces. Often she dyes the fleece first using a special technique that enables her to spin a changing-coloured yarn without ever breaking the thread.

The yarn can then be used for knitting, crochet, weaving or whatever takes your fancy.